How to Hack Facebook Account

If you want to learn how to Hack Facebook account without using any fake and potentially malicious software you are on the right place. Below you can download full detailed  step by step tutorial where you can learn in just few minutes everything about this new hacking method. And even if this method gets patched  in the future we will try to update it as soon as its possible.

how to hack facebook account



Facebook is the number one social networking site around the globe. Almost every person has a Facebook profile. But what is shocking here is that almost 50 percent of the users are aware of the protection of their life online.
In order to secure your account you must also know how to hack Facebook account so that you know the probable factors.

hack facebook

But if you don’t know how to secure your own life it might cost you big time. Have a look at the various ways to know how to hack Facebook account so that you can prevent it from happening to you. The first attack- social engineering attack
For an attacker the first thing is to get the victim’s password. After you get hold of it you can simply do anything with the account. Usually a person stores the password in three places- the Facebook database, on the mind and in the browser. While you cannot get hold of it from the first two sources you can get it from the browser.
The most basic method of retrieving your password is through the social engineering method. So try not to allow any friend or a stranger to have access to your PC or laptop.
Phishing attack
In Facebook phishing is by far the most common way of hacking account. Wondering how to hack the account with this? Well it is simple; hackers create a fake page that looks like the actual Facebook login page. Just when you enter the email address and the password, it reaches the hacker as a text file. He can easily have access to your account.
How to protect yourself
Never trust any email asking to disclose your email id and password.
Click the link if you want to but don’t enter the id and password unless you are convinced the site is authentic.
Key logging
You can hack Facebook account through key logging. This can at times be so dangerous that a computer expert might fall prey to it. It is generally a small program that is installer in victim’s PC. Once it is installed it is capable of recording all the details that the victim types into the computer. These logs are then sent to the hacker’s account through mail or through FTP.
How to protect yourself
Be careful when you hand over your computer or laptop to anyone. Keep a close eye on them. Also use a good antivirus to protect the account from key logger and other Trojan software.
It is not about knowing how to hack Facebook account but more importantly how to protect your account from getting hacked. Since almost 80% people store their password on the browser. This way it becomes easy for a hacker to get hold of the password through this software.
Apart from these there are other ways to hack Facebook account; it is through your mobile phone. Yes you heard it right! Hacking your Facebook account through mobile phone is a new way. The hacker inserts spy software on the device and can easily have access to your Facebook account. All these without you having any hint! So be alert and be aware. …